Win Win Agreement Examples

This pushes the parties to seek an agreement that helps them achieve a win-win situation without hurting each other. To achieve their goal, they must sit down with other older family members to help them solve their problem. They can establish rules that must be followed to the letter by both parties and the rules must be accompanied by other family members who serve as witnesses. The witnesses will be the ones who will question them to see if they are sticking to what has been agreed. If the rules are followed correctly, the family may live harmoniously and with understanding. In addition, if they do not follow what has been agreed, they will not live happily ever after, but will continue to fight (Covey, 2009). Thus, this document shows that there must be rules, respect and understanding for a couple to overcome disagreements, so that a couple can live happily with their mother-in-law. In the case of good behaviour and understanding knowledge among them, the result is a win-win situation that is full of hope and happiness. This document describes in detail the approaches that should be taken to have a win-win agreement between a mother and daughter-in-law in a clearer and more compassionate manner.

We see him where the daughter-in-law wants to cook for her husband and spend most of his time with him. This is generally not possible because the son`s mother wants to be in the presence of her son with the impression that he is still her little boy (Covey, 2009). In addition, the mother thinks she is the right person to spend time with her son, thinking that her daughter-in-law does not have the consent to take care of her son. As a result of the disagreements, the two sides argue over the son, which leads them to opt for a solution. Let me be quite honest. The downside of a win-win deal is that it requires more time and more work. The trend is to slide back and go straight back into the old models. When we see that our child has failed, maybe we will go again to grate, abandon or over-manage our children and say, „It won`t work.“ Do all negotiations lead to win-win solutions? No, I certainly don`t! If a win-win deal is not reached, the famous management guru, Steven Covey, recommends a no-deal agreement. You two (or all) agree not to agree.

🙂 What is a win-win agreement? Does a win-win situation mean that you are still able to get what you would have wanted during a negotiation? I invite you to try the win-win agreement. Start with something small. See how things end and develop from there. However, in such a case, you should be careful when it comes to the state of the other party and it may be worth asking you: „Will this person reach a compromise or will it really lead us to a win-win solution for both of us?“ Conducting such negotiations, which lead to agreements, is the best way to learn this art. The other thing to note, you don`t create „agreement“ or „buy-in,“ just a „questioning“ if you stop the „I“ language. It is the language „we“ that transforms them: „This is what we want to achieve if we use the following resources in our following guidelines, our standards, etc. Fourth, define responsibility.