Azure Integration Account Agreement

In the editor, look for the integration objectaccount and remove this property that has this format: If you work with HIPAA schematics and message types 277 or 837, you need to take a few extra steps. The document version numbers (GS8) for these types of messages have more than 9 characters, z.B „005010X222A1.“ In addition, some document version numbers are assigned to types of messages. If you don`t refer to the right type of message in your schematic and agreement, this error message will appear: before you can create Enterprise integration and B2B solutions using Azure Logic applications, you need to create an integration account, which is a separate Azure resource, providing a secure, scalable and controllable container for the integration artifacts you define and use. You can move your integration account to another Azure resource group or Azure subscription. When you move resources, Azure creates new resource identifiers to make sure you`re using the new identifiers and updating all scripts or tools associated with displaced resources. If you want to change the subscription, you also need to specify an existing or new resource group. Confirmation settings of the AS2 agreement. A trade agreement helps organizations and businesses communicate smoothly by defining the specific industry-specific model protocol to be used for the exchange of B2B (business-to-business) messages. Agreements offer general advantages, z.B. in the Azure portal, search and select your logic application.

Make sure the Integration Account property is now displayed empty in your app`s workflow settings. But I can`t use it if I then define the agreement, as shown in the illustration below: „The message has an unknown type of document and has not been dissolved in any of the existing diagrams configured in the agreement.“ Now your agreement is ready to process incoming messages that match your selected preferences. In Azure Logic Apps, you can create automated B2B integration workflows (Business-to-Business) using an integration account with your logical applications.